The beauty and elegance of hardwood floors is unparalleled. With a wide range of wood species, plank widths, and stains to choose from, wood flooring offers immense versatility. So why not upgrade the look and character of your home today with a professional hardwood floor installation from Forefront?

We can install:
Raw Wood
Prefinished Wood
All types of wood flooring

You are a phone call away from walking on luxury. Your family deserves the best.


Sand and Refinish

Did you know that hardwood flooring is very resilient and can last up too 100 years? That’s right, with proper care wood floors last a very long time. Your current floors might be in need of a facelift. By sanding the existing finish and refinishing the floors, you can end up with floors that look like new.

Experience our dustless sanding process and bring new life into your floors and home today.


Buff and Recoat

Are your hardwood floors looking a little dull these days? Hardwood floors don’t always need to be sanded. Your floors might be in need of a simple buff and recoat. You can have your floors looking brand new again at the fraction of the cost of traditional sanding. Call Forefront today and find a hardwood flooring solution to meet your needs.